The Simple Solution

iTracSigns Solution

iTracSigns is your answer to comply with the new federal requirements for sign management. Cities, States, Counties, and other Agencies need to have an inexpensive, easy to use, and complete software system for keeping track of their installed signs as well as their inventory. Knowing when signs are in need of replacement, managing work orders for repairs, and having a geographical location of each sign is key to a well functioning system.

iTracSigns is a web based application, offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). Accessibility to iTracSigns from anywhere with Internet service is easy to do and budget friendly. Our Simple Solution is available for a low monthly fee that allows Agencies to comply with the new FHWA ruling without tying up valuable resources.

Agencies have until June 2014 to establish and implement a sign assessment or management program that addresses the minimum sign retro-reflectivity requirements set by the FHWA. Your agency will easily comply with our system and at a very low cost.

The FHWA has implemented these new rulings for the safety of the motoring public. It doesn’t have to be an expensive sophisticated system in order to comply, just one that works and at a cost that your Agency can handle. When using iTracSigns sign management program you will be in full compliance. Because we do not have any upfront licensing fees, special equipment, hardware costs or support staff needed your Agency can start using the program immediately.