iTracSigns Features Overview

iTracSigns comes with an almost unending list of features. We are constantly adding new features as we get feedback from our customers. Please take a look at some of the highlights below. If you don't see a feature you like, please contact us and we will be more than happy to look into adding that feature.

Web-based Application

Feature 1
  • Fast implementation
  • No hardware or IT costs
  • Remote access from anywhere with Internet connection
  • Use with various devices – office PC, in the field with a laptop or tablet
  • Real time data available to workers in the field
  • Sophisticated log in and passwords protect your data
  • Data is safe on an off site server
  • Scheduled backups
  • Server monitoring 24/7
  • Flexible online training
  • Easy budgeting with low monthly subscription fee
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Quick Start Up

Feature 2
  • No Set up fees or up front costs
  • Immediate access to software
  • Library of MUTCD signs included with pictures
  • Preloaded data for sign sizes, colors, sheeting
  • Easy setup of data for your manufacturers, sheeting and support types, etc.
  • Customize type of service for your work orders
  • Control access of users and employees
  • Establish routes for ongoing maintenance and future replacements
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Easy to Use

Feature 3
  • Clean, easy to read screen layouts
  • Numerous shortcut options
  • Extensive search / filtering features
  • Quick links to related data
  • History tab to return to previous screens
  • Drop down lists to provide easy data entry
  • Data grids allow for sorting
  • Counts showing number of records
  • Adding actual sign pictures is a snap
  • Special icons to display status of sign or work order
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Sign Inventory

Feature 3
  • Automatically creates asset#
  • Option for custom asset# / agency identifier as well
  • Designed to work with bar code readers
  • Displays generic sign picture for reference
  • Track sign from fabrication to installation to removal
  • Calculates estimated replacement date
  • Store GPS locations and displays on map
  • Numerous fields for different location information
  • Internal notes
  • Links to work orders and inspections
  • Track vendors and costs
  • Ability to add actual photo of installed sign
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Work Orders

Feature 3
  • Option for multiple services / signs on one work order
  • Assign work orders to employee / technician
  • Track completion date / time
  • Use for detail inspections or general maintenance
  • View inspection history for a given asset/sign
  • Tracks work orders in progress
  • Recommend next service date
  • Indicate if sign replacement is necessary
  • Create your own types of service
  • Prints work order and inspection forms
  • Quickly create a work order for multiple signs
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Feature 4
  • Keeps managers up to date with information
  • Improves planning and budgeting
  • Sign Inventory by MUTCD code
  • Know what you have in the warehouse vs. installed
  • List of signs by installation date
  • New signs by fabrication date
  • Work order listing with completion date
  • List of open work orders
  • Completed inspections with details
  • Future replacements for budgeting
  • Inspected signs that need to be replaced

More Features

  • Easy setup of new signs
  • Track inspection history
  • Monitor age of signs
  • Track Service Work Orders
  • Establish various Routes to help with scheduling work orders
  • Gives you information about the location, type, sign legend, sheeting, size, date of installation and proposed date of replacement for each sign
  • Mapping of installed signs
  • Contains a photographic file of each sign installed
  • Maintains a sign inventory both in the field and warehouse
  • Will work with Custom signs installations as well as standard signs
  • Improve planning and budgeting
  • Saves time and labor costs required to monitor signs
  • Improve safety and reduce liability
  • Maintain FHWA compliance for MUTCD Section 2A09
  • Provides an effective Asset Management system for Management methods of sign tracking
  • Is an affordable system with no setup fees and no upfront costs
  • Contains numerous reports including estimating future replacement costs, scheduled inspections, sign inventory by category, installed signs by route, and many more.