Asset#: 1123
Sign Code: R3-4
Status: Installed
Route: W. Indian School Rd
Latitude: 33.56 E
Longitude: 135.74 N
Asset#: 1072
Sign Code: R5-1a
Status: Ready for Install
Route: W. Indian School Rd
Asset#: 965
Sign Code: R2-1
Status: Needs Repair
Route: Central Ave.
Latitude: 33.47 E
Longitude: 112.07 N
Asset#: 3784
Sign Code: W8-1
Status: Graffiti Cleanup
Route: Central Ave.
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  • Monitor Age of Signs
  • Improve Planning and Budgeting
  • Track Work Orders and Inspections
  • Comply with FHWA Retroreflectivity Requirements

What is iTracSigns?

iTracSigns is the Simple Solution to your traffic sign inventory needs. It is an easy to use, web-based application that allows you to track your sign inventory from fabrication to installation to removal. By using the Work Orders function you will have a history of all the work performed on each sign whether it is the initial installation, various repairs or inspections. iTracSigns is an affordable program for Agencies to use to comply with the new FHWA requirements for sign retroreflectivity, and it is flexible enough to be used with any of the five FHWA approved methods for testing sign retroreflectivity.

How Does it Work?

iTracSigns is extremely easy to setup and use, yet offers all the tools you need to manage your sign inventory, track installations and inspections. You can start by signing up for a free 60 day trial which will give you immediate access to the program and walks you through a few quick steps to get you started. Once you have some of the basics setup you are ready to add your inventory and start producing work orders and inspection forms, or just import retroreflectivity readings that have been taken in the field. It is that simple.

How Much Does it Cost?

iTracSigns’ pricing structure is designed to offer the same simple solution to smaller agencies as well as larger agencies. The monthly subscription fee is based on the number of signs in your inventory and whether you decide to take pictures of your signs. For smaller agencies with less than 5,000 signs who takes photos of 20% of their signs, iTracSigns is very affordable at $48/month. The pricing will scale up as you add more signs or users or take more pictures. iTracSigns is also available for Onsite installations. Learn more.

Are You Responsible for the Maintenance and Replacement of your Traffic Signs?
You know having limited budgets and resources makes managing your sign inventory and maintenance very challenging. iTracSigns is the software solution you have been looking for.
Do You Have A Sign Inventory Management System In Place To Track Your Traffic Signs?
With all the complexities involved in sign management, finding the right solution for your Agency can be a difficult task. Take all the guess work out of the process by signing up for 60 day free trial and see how simple sign management can be.
Do you Comply with the Sign Retroreflectivity Requirements set by the FHWA?
Agencies have until June 2014 to establish and implement a sign assessment or management program that addresses the minimum sign retroreflectivity requirements set by the FHWA.